As you explore your faith and search Zion for a place, be sure to hook into these great opportunities to connect with fellow seekers, members, and committed believers as we all power on through this journey. 

Community Groups

If you’re looking for a way to get connected, community groups are a great place to start! We offer interest groups, discussion groups, small groups, and so much more! Plug into a community group to help create community and have fun in an environment that is comfortable for all levels of faith and connection.




Serving Opportunities

Be part of what makes Zion great! We have so many opportunities to join in and be a helping hand. Service Groups give back to the church, the Community, and the world by using member skills and experiences to accomplish goals and tasks. From serving coffee on Sundays to helping with production to greeting at events - and so much more!



Join one of these groups and feel what it means to be truly plugged into the church and be powered up for the journey.


Growth groups focus on developing group members’ faith and understanding of the Bible through in-depth learning and discussion.



Overseeing the spreading of the word of God through like-minded individuals.  Serving the church, the Community and the world through God’s word and Good works.



Following Jesus is the greatest calling in the life of the believer. The Bible calls this Discipleship. Journey Groups are Zion’s approach to helping foster and create disciples and a discipleship culture. We offer discipleship many different types of groups, classes and other formats, for all levels of people who want to follow Jesus from those wanting to take their first steps to those who’ve been walking this journey for a long time, our goal is to create culture of discipleship here at Zion.