Our Rental Policy


How does it work?

You fill out a rental request form and turn it into the office (or submit online form). The office will verify your date; then once you have turned in your security deposit, you’ll sign a rental agreement form for the office and you’re set!

What can you rent?

We offer three different spaces. Our most rented space is the Lounge. It offers a full kitchen w/island, couch area with fireplace/television, eating area w/booths & high-top tables & a television, and a full pool table. In addition to the Lounge, there is the Gym. It has more games as well as a full basketball court; there is some sports equipment provided with rental. The third space available as a stand alone or add on is Room D. It is a larger room with a projector and screen & seating for 40-50 people.

	**Furniture/fixtures in Lounge are not to be moved.

What does it cost?

Our rates vary depending on a few factors. Our rates begin with a flat price for the first two hours with added fees for every hour following based off of what rooms are rented. Time spent setting up before event and cleaning up after event are to be included in your rental time. If you run noticeably over or begin noticeably earlier, you will be charged for that time. Refer to chart below.

	**If space is rented for min. 10 hours, fee becomes $175. 
Capture hub rental pricing.JPG

When can you rent?

If the office approves the date of your rental, you can rent between the hours of 8am and 9pm. You must be finished with the facilities by 9pm. Rentals can only be made 3 months in advance.

What about a security deposit?

In order to reserve the space for your event, we require a $100 security deposit (preferably in check form). We hold onto this check until after the post-inspection to verify that no damage occurred, all rooms were restored to original order, and that space wasn’t occupied for a considerably longer period than rented for. If post-inspection shows that everything is in order, your check will be shredded. If rental causes damage, takes longer than rented, or space isn’t restored to original, a portion of or all of your deposit will be used to compensate.


Yes, we have open wifi.

more questions?

Contact our office for any other questions you might have.