These words are nothing new. We’ve heard them throughout our entire lives.

“Tell your mother you LOVE her…”
RESPECT those around you, the building, the furniture…”
“I LOVE pizza!”
“I don’t get no RESPECT…” 

While you’ve heard them time and time again, could you define them? Clearly define them? Without a clear definition, it's like trying to throw a dart at a board but you don't know where to aim. And if that darts misses the target, it has the potential to really hurt those around us; those we interact with, work with, or are in a relationship with.

That’s where the LOVE & RESPECT CONFERENCE comes in.

On Saturday, September 16th, Zion will be hosting the LOVE & RESPECT CONFERENCE from 8a - 4:30p at The Dock, with food from Rib Crib and emceed by acclaimed comedian, Daren Streblow! These 8.5 hours are for anyone who interacts with anyone and, yes, that means you! 

In developing a clear definition of what LOVE & RESPECT really are, you will see improvement in the relationships of your work-life, marriage, and start to understand what launches you into the crazy cycle between good intentions and misunderstandings.

That’s a conference for personal development, food from Rib Crib, hosted by acclaimed comedy Daren Streblow! I know what you’re thinking, “That’s all really great… but… how much does it cost?” That’s the best part. Registration is just $30/person!

But if that still hasn’t convinced you; those who register for the LOVE & RESPECT CONFERENCE on Saturday, will also get a free ticket to Daren Streblow’s comedy show Sunday, September 17th at 7p in The Dock! 

God has called us to be in community, to be in relationship with each other, and to treat each other with

Are you in?