At Zion, we have a group of people who knit Prayer Shawls.

These Prayer Shawls are often given to people who are suffering. Some may be suffering with a serious illness, such as cancer, some may have experienced the loss of a spouse or child, or others may have gone through some sort of tragedy.  As these shawls are being created, the knitters spend time praying for the person who will someday receive the shawl. The hope is that as the person uses the shawl they experience the kindness of the Lord and the love of His people.
Not all shawls are for people who are suffering. Some are for celebrations! Baby prayer shawls are knitted and given for infant baptisms!

If you know someone who would be blessed by receiving a Prayer Shawl, please fill out the form below. We will coordinate with getting the prayer shawl to you to give to them! If you are willing to serve on the Prayer Shawl Team, click here.
Name of the Person to Receive the Prayer Shawl