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Support the Peru Missions Team and eat APPLEBEES on August 8th!
Order from the menu below and the Peru Mission Team will receive HALF of the proceeds!!

Don't feel like getting out? Follow these steps and someone on the mission team will deliver your food to your door within in the Clear Lake and Mason City limits!

  1. Order off the "Together We Care Tuesday" Menu and place your order online through Applebees.
  2. Message Zion Clear Lake via Facebook Messenger to tell us when your order will be ready and your address.
  3. We will confirm we've received your message and will strike out as soon as your food is ready and deliver it to the address provided - FOR FREE!

This team has been working hard all summer to help cover the costs of traveling to Peru and your support towards them has been greatly appreciated. Let's help them reach their fundraising goals!


Local and Global Missions at Zion pairs individuals seeking to be a part of God’s bigger picture with organizations and ministries thriving in their specific roles within God’s Kingdom.  God calls us to care for and reach the lost, so whether that’s the person you’re sitting next to - or the friend waiting to meet you across the globe, Zion missions will equip you for God’s calling on your journey.

 Jesus sums up the entire the Law and the Prophets with the commands to: love God and love others. It is out of our love of God, our adoration, respect, and relationship with Him, that we can then love others as He does. Our love for God is what motivates us and fuels us to love others.

In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus defines who our neighbors are: anyone and everyone! We believe that God has placed us in specific places to cross paths with specific people: people in our workplaces, schools, and communities, including our actual, physical neighbors.


It is our hope and prayer that our love and service for other people would create opportunities for relationship-building and conversations, specifically about Jesus and His Gospel message. We live and move and act with these hopes in mind knowing that God wants to build His Kingdom right here in North Iowa, and that Jesus, Himself, Loves This City!



We are honored to be a part of what God is doing in the Amazon!  Zion helps to support four full time missionaries serving in Iquitos, Peru.  Pastors Nelton and Bethany Noriega have a heart to reach Iquitos through children and their families.  They have started Hidden Creeks Bible Camp and Genesis Iglesia Church.  Together with their church, they are literally changing Iquitos one day at a time as they introduce others to God.

Active Missionaries


Nelton and Bethany Noriega serve in Iquitos, Peru.  Their heart is to reach Iquitos through children and their families.  They have started Hidden Creeks Bible Camp and Genesis  Church. Together with their church, they are literally changing Iquitos one day at a time as they introduce others to God. We are honored and excited to be a part of what God is doing in the Amazon! 

Lucas Kirchhoff

Lucas has served full time on staff at Genesis Church for 3 years as a worship leader and production director for communications.  He is involved in various ministries such as leader of a small group, teacher at Genesis' discipleship program, and on the international relations team.  In addition to his work at the church, Lucas has opened his home to young men, many have been addicts at one time or have experienced abandonment by their parents.  His heart is to show them the father heart of God and in that discipling them to become the person God created them to be.   If you would like to give to Lucas, you can give through the link below!


As a licensed registered nurse, Riley is called to the hurt, sick, broken and bleeding and to provide a pathway of healing both physically and spiritually.  The nursing ministry is new and Riley has been excited to see where the Lord is taking it. Most recently a nursing office/“clinic” has been opened. In a city with a broken medical system, this new ministry will serve as a doorway for people to experience the love and compassion of Jesus.
Riley is currently stateside for a year to research next steps of running this medical ministry. She will be involved in training/equipping programs, fundraising, and making contacts to go back and begin a full time ministry.  
Mike serves here in Clear Lake where he runs the Celebrate Recovery Program that meets in the Blackbox on Thursdays. He is also in charge of Josiah's Pace, a men's residential recovery program. Mike has a passion for showing men the grace of Jesus through friendship and accountability.
The Smiths work with Venture in SE Asia alongside local Christian leaders in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and other closed Asian countries. They strategize with and secure resources for these leaders and their ministries. Together with their local partners, they serve refugees, stateless people, the persecuted church, impoverished communities, at-risk children vulnerable to trafficking, and the least-reached. Their goal is ot see communities transformed by the Gospel.
Brice serves in Arizonal on an Apache Reservation. He and his team run an after school program and a weekly Bible Study for students living on the Reservation. They have recently seen a need to raise up some leaders and have began meeting and mentoring student's hungry for more on a regular basis. Brice has a heart for youth and loves pouring into the next generation. He has a vision to raise up young Apache to be ministry leaders as they have more opportunities to reach other Apache in other locations.  

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