The discipleship process

We desire our members and visitors to know they BELONG to a community, BELIEVE in and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and BECOME disciples who make Jesus famous. Every ministry at Zion follows the same three elements to the process: BELONG, BELIEVE AND BECOME. Each side of the hexagons signifies each ministry at Zion: Children, Youth, Adult, Worship, Senior and Missions. Each ministry is aligned by including aspects of Zion's Belong Believe and Become process, which aligns our team to stay on mission to fulfill God's call for Zion.

This illustration intentionally displays a process to recognize that there is no "end" or point of arrival. To be healthy, mature disciples, we continually travel along this discipleship process. 


Matthew 28:18–20

The Zion’s Discipleship Path is a tool to help people identify where you might be on you faith journey. It identifies the next steps a person can make in order to continue growing into a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is not a checklist; it is a process. A person might find that they have characteristics of more than one stage, in which case, they should focus on strengthening areas that are weak.
Spiritual Explorers express felt needs and are looking for answers. It’s important to note that people “Belong” even if they don’t identify any of these characteristics to be true. However, most people who join a Missional Community Group or come to church are likely exploring faith. Explorers become Believers by trusting in Jesus. A great next step for Spiritual Explorers is Alpha.
Believers have a basic understanding of Christianity but still have questions. They have a clear testimony of coming to trust Jesus as their Savior. Believers become Followers by acts of obedience (like baptism). A great next step for Believers is to get connected into a Missional Community Group.
Followers exhibit regular devotion and prayer. They are learning to serve and share their faith. Followers become disciples by continuing to grow in their faith, becoming more like Jesus. A great next step for Followers is to serve or become a Zion church member.
Disciples have a solid grasp on Scripture and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. They serve and are learning to lead others. They invite others and then disciple them by helping them walk through this process. A great next step for disciples is to invite and lead other people.