Worship Director/Pastor

Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church in Clear Lake, Iowa is eager to add a Worship Director/Pastor to our team.  We are a kingdom-minded church with the desire to incorporate mission and community into everything we do.  We desire our members and visitors to know they BELONG to a community, BELIEVE in and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, and BECOME disciples who make Jesus famous.

The Big Idea

Join a team that cooperates and collaborates very well together, has genuine love for people and the community, and puts their focus on Jesus! As a congregation, we are growing in attendance, involvement and giving. Zion is looking to bring in a new Worship Director/Pastor to lead our congregation, volunteers, and staff toward an authentic worship encounter.

The Church

ATTENDANCE: 500-600 weekly adult average; 300 weekly average for Children’s and Youth Ministry
ABOUT: Zion is not your typical Lutheran Church! We are 2 communities (Traditional and Modern), 1 church (Zion). Our modern services are held in a recently renovated building with a full band, sound, lighting, worship software, video, and media. CLICK HERE to see a sample! Unlike most churches, we take our modern services outdoors every Sunday in the summers. This is our largest outreach event as we are in the middle of City Park, located in the heart of downtown.  As the largest and one of the oldest churches (we celebrated 150 years in June 2022!) in the community, Zion is well-known, has great influence in Clear Lake, and opportunities to reach outside the walls of our church buildings.

The Candidate

With a reputation for integrity, initiative, responsibility, humility and a consistency of character, this servant-leader will be experienced in equipping their team of volunteers and investing in relationships.  As a leader of leaders, this individual will be dedicated to raising up and developing volunteers into worship leaders who desire to minister to Jesus. It must be their desire for the congregation to connect to the heart of Jesus through worship. This candidate will rely on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. The right fit for Zion will be engaging and have excellent communication skills. They must possess a strong stage presence that reflects the heart and atmosphere of our church with the ability to communicate from the stage. The right candidate will love our vision and congregation and will be energized by the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing at Zion.

Position Must Haves:
  • A Spiritual Leader – The ideal candidate will be someone who is passionate about helping the congregation, volunteers, and staff experience the presence of God through worship.  The right candidate will develop their team spiritually and musically through pastoring/mentoring.
  • A Team Leader – The right candidate will direct and care for the planning, coordination, and supervision of the Worship and Production Teams.
  • A Team Player – The right candidate must work well with others, be dedicated to the team’s core values, and put forth effort to continually improve.  Chemistry with the staff is just as important as competency.  Some of the staff’s core values include a “we is bigger than me” mentality, fun, honor, and a dedication to “be the example.”

Bonus Qualifications:
  • A Strong Musician – Must play either guitar or piano and be able to articulate and communicate well with each section of the band.
  • A Producer – The ideal candidate will be someone who understands how lights, visuals and sound creates vibrant, Christ-centered worship that connects both believers and the spiritually curious.
  • Relevant – It is preferred that the candidate be familiar and able to lead musical styles similar to Bethel, Hillsong, Elevation, Maverick City, Kari Jobe, etc.

Worship Responsibilities:
  • Model authentic and passionate worship for Jesus.
  • Work well with the Lead Pastor, Executive Team, Worship and Production teams and staff.
  • Recruit through relationships, develop, and equip team members.
  • Plan and select music for weekly modern services.
  • Coordinate the use of vocalists, instruments, sound, and production for all modern worship services.
  • Coordinate an organized rehearsal before Sunday worship.
  • Send a set list to team members in advance to allow time for preparation and rehearsal.
  • Understand the Audio/Visual arts (sound, lighting, worship software, video, media), with ability to work with Production Team.
  • Develop and manage the worship and production budget.  Ensure that financial procedures are followed in your department.
  • Purchase, maintain and repair music and audio equipment as needed.
  • Understand copyright laws for music and video.

The Location

Clear Lake is a tourist town and suburb community of Mason City with a population of 7,480. It is a popular vacation destination for those living in Minneapolis, Des Moines and the surrounding area. We often hear, "If I could leave my job in the city, I would live in Clear Lake!"

Clear Lake is not what you would expect an Iowan town to be. Take a walk down Main Street and you will feel as though you are in the middle of a Hallmark movie! It is incredibly friendly; has a great public school system, private school and homeschool cohort to fit any family needs and is an exceptional place to raise a family. Our Lead Pastor moved here from California and absolutely loves it. Main Street has boutique shopping as well as casual dining options for the whole family. There are many outdoor events throughout the year that attract visitors from across the Midwest. Harvest Fest, Christmas by the Lake, and the 4th of July are favorites of many! We do indeed have a spring-fed lake that boasts amazing beaches for swimming and a variety of species for fishing all year round.

Clear Lake boasts some pretty awesome attractions for those interested in music and production. It is home to Renovo Media Group, a state-of-the-art production company; the Surf Ballroom, a famous concert venue known for hosting the last concert of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper; and the Clear Lake Bandshell where various concerts and events are held throughout the year.

Please e-mail to apply.