Volunteer in Children's ministry!

Volunteers are needed and we would love to have you!

Children's ministry is a beloved and necessary ministry to God's kingdom as we work with you, the congregation, and parents to "raise up children in the ways of the Lord"!

Children’s Ministry is for all children, birth through 5th grade! We help you with baptism, first communion, your first Bible and so much more like PreZ and ZKids Ministries. PreZ and ZKids Ministries are age specific Children's Ministry programs at Zion that offer biblical curriculum to children that specifically meets their needs and abilities.

ZKids & PreZ works with leaders and volunteers just like you to best love all children, see them succeed in life and faith, and offers the word of God in a way that each child at each age can best understand.

Children’s Ministry is high energy, fast paced, and biblically centered! We love to be goof-balls for Jesus! We always have some craft to prep, game to play, set items to build, or event to be working on, so if your interested in learning more, helping out, or donating supplies, please fill out the form below.